HUBIX is a thriving company specializing in live working, with over 30 years of experience on the electrical power engineering market.
Our company manufactures a wide array of tools and equipment for live working.
As customer satisfaction is our main priority, we make every effort to improve our products and their functionality. The needs of our customers often become inspiration for development of new products. That is why we cooperate closely with training centres for live working. Thanks to frequent consultations with linemen we are able to remove potential defects and consequently improve the functionality, durability and ergonomic quality of our products. 





Dear Customers

Our office and warehouse will be closed on the 14th of August

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Hubix Team





We have at our disposal a tool-room for the production of specialist equipment and injection moulds. Our company is also equipped with modern metal working machines, including CNC machine tools, lathes, millers, milling and drilling machines, which allows for precise batch production of components and blanks used in the assembly of completed products.
Our stock is complemented by plastic processing machines such as injection moulders of various technical parameters, extruders for the production of longer hollow insulators and a tool insulation line based on dip-coating technology.

In our own in-house laboratory all of our products are tested with regards to both their electrical and mechanical parameters.

Our company operates in compliance with the ISO 9001:2001 system, implemented and supervised by the Central Institute for Labour Protection in Warsaw.


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